Material: extra fine merino wool
Length: 1800 x 300 mm

7 colour combinations available


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The scarf with the loop! With the loop scarf, you put one end of the scarf through the loop and it can be closed that way: Both ends to the front or one to the back. The loop scarf also has two different sides and the two-colour effect is more pronounced depending on the side. Due to its different ways of wearing, the loop scarf is already a classic among the accessories from austriandesign.at and is popular with Cuffs and caps combined.

Care tips

Washing wool & keeping it beautiful

Our merino wool is machine washable. And yet it is worth considering whether a "bath" in the fresh air is not also sufficient. Because: Wool is dirt-repellent and absorbs almost no odours. Washing cycles can therefore be somewhat longer.

If possible, you should only wash the same materials and similar colours together. It is advisable to turn the knitwear inside out before washing.

Hand wash

Merino wool should always be used with warm, maximum 30°, be washed. Use only liquid wool detergents and No fabric softeners! When washing, move the knitted piece, turned inside out, slowly back and forth in the lye - do not rub, knead or wring, otherwise the fibres will warp and the knitted piece will lose its shape. Then rinse thoroughly with clear water and roll up in a towel and squeeze out carefully.

Machine wash

If knitted garments are to be washed, then in principle the gentle wool wash be selected with a maximum temperature of 30°. Only use liquid wool detergents. The following applies to the dosage: less is more. Please also refrain from using fabric softener, as this can destroy the fibre in the long run.

The Washing machine drum only one-third full This avoids too much friction. You can spin freshly washed knitwear only briefly - at low revolutions.

Drying & Ironing

Immediately after washing, it is recommended that the knits are Gently in shape to pull. Please do not put them in the dryer, they could become children's clothes. It is best to dry knitwear lying flat on a terry towel on the clothes horse.

Also with the Ironing wool does not like pressure. Turn the knitted piece on the left and with Medium temperature affectionate with steam treated. The care formula is: smooth instead of flatten.

How should I store my wool pieces?

Only store freshly cleaned knitwear. Knitwear should always be stored lying down. A space-saving and fibre-saving alternative is to store knitwear individually rolled.

How do I protect merino wool from dirt and moth infestation?

Prevent this by storing your merino clothes with dried sprigs of rosemary, thyme and lavender. The essential oils keep unwelcome pests away and at the same time provide a pleasant laundry scent. Store knitted products made of merino wool in a dry, cool place in a plastic storage container with an airtight lid. Do not store in plastic bags: residual moisture could cause bacteria and mould to grow.

About Merino Wool

Merino wool has great properties

Merino wool can absorb up to a third of moisture and dries very quickly. Merino wool naturally cools in hot weather and warms in cold weather. Merino wool also has an antibacterial effect and is therefore odour-repellent because it neutralises foul-smelling salts. It is antistatic and repels dirt well, so clothes need to be washed less often.

Merino wool is:

  • soft
  • Insulating and warming
  • Climate and temperature balancing
  • dimensionally stable
  • quickly crease-free again
  • easy to clean
  • elastic
  • hard-wearing

Merino wool extra fine - a luxurious natural fibre

The extra-fine merino wool does not scratch and feels pleasant on the skin when worn. It is very fine and correspondingly light, but is still robust and hard-wearing. Since it is almost wrinkle-free, it still looks good even after being worn for a long time.

Merino sheep

The Merino sheep is one of the oldest breeding sheep and is mainly at home in Australia and New Zealand. With its dense, light-coloured coat, it provides a particularly warming wool after shearing. A sheep sheds up to four kilograms of its fine wool per year, special breeds even up to ten kilograms.

About the collection

"Changeable knitwear from Austria". Design by Karin Merkl. Made in Austria. Since 2006.

The favourite theme from austriandesign.at is the scarf. The scarf, in its basic form a rectangle, is interpreted and modified, the familiar is changed, traditional design principles are questioned, so that it becomes a garment, a multifunctional, variable fashion for women.

It's a game with the shape. A scarf does not always have to be a rectangle. It can also have stepped ends, be worked in the round, become a stole, a cape, a bolero, ...

But it is also a game with function. A scarf doesn't always have to be just a scarf. It can also be a hooded scarf, looped scarf, ONE hole scarf, ... but it can also become a coat cape, triangle poncho, stole jacket, .... Every model from austriandesign.at has a name. They are word creations that already indicate what is special about them: Nomen est omen!

The Main characteristic of the collection is that the models can and should be combined with each other. Since the same wool quality is always knitted and the design language is the same, the individual and personal combinations of the different models result in a twinset - or even better, a multi-part knitted ensemble.

The DNA of the collection

Many of the models are developed from the rectangle, the basic shape of the scarf, so that the waste is deliberately kept small. The zero waste philosophy and the production made to order or on demand contribute to a sustainable society.conscious counteraction against overproduction, textile and recycling mountains.

Only natural materials are knitted. Mainly merino wool (Öko Tex, G.O.T.S.). No cashmere! Because austriandesign.at does not want to contribute to the desertification of the already barren pastureland or to the animal suffering of the cashmere goats.

The models can be worn on both sides, i.e. they are reversible, to enable them to be as harmoniously "coordinated" as possible with the basic wardrobe. And the two-tone design of the models makes them the perfect match for any occasion and any wardrobe. This implies a long service life and durability of the models.

Designing is not about following every trend/fashion. The short-lived trends, the quick changes of style guidelines are not the world of austriandesign.at. The short-lived and disposable attitude of fashion is countered by durability and longevity. Pieces without an expiry date are created that become favourite pieces in everyday life.

The collection is growing. Each season, the collection is expanded by two to three models, which in turn can be combined well with the previous models.This minimises the use of raw materials and energy and maximises the product's purpose and benefits.

Production takes place in a family-run factory near Vienna in order to keep transport routes and emissions deliberately small and to be sure that everything is made "socially and fairly".Social and environmental standards are thus guaranteed.

austriandesign.at always strives to deliver only the highest quality - from the material to the workmanship to the service. "When fashion no longer runs, quality is in the foreground and determines regional creation, when tradition, skill and design are bundled, then craftsmanship lives. It can satisfy the longing for things with geography and stories. Craft is individuality, far from mass and fast-moving things."

For austriandesign.at is a counter-movement to globalised, industrial and uniform fashion. An enrichment for everyone. Diversity, tradition and authenticity must be preserved.It is about products with authentic stories and traceable sources, about cultivating quality and loyal partnerships, about sustainability at all levels.

austriandesign.at offers clothing with stories, geography and a good conscience. Clothing should be seen again as something useful and valuable, instead of a disposable product. Thus, since 2006, models for a capsule wardrobe have been created and especially today, when a rethinking and economical use of resources is more important than ever, the concept of austriandesign.at more contemporary than any other.


"We live what we love" - Authenticity creates identity

The ideas for our products come from our personal experiences. Our keen eye helps us to question and redefine traditional design principles. Our collection reflects this unity of thought, word, deed and product.


"Values, culture and social engagement"

We are aware of our own longing for values, our social and cultural responsibility and this is reflected in our product and market orientation. For us, economic activity is more than just making a profit. Cultural, moral and aesthetic maxims determine our economic activities.


"A responsible approach to the environment and people".

We design products for everyday use from the purest natural materials, made in small manufactories and ateliers. "Ecological and social it must be" is our contribution to sustainability and for customers who value sustainability.


"The customer benefits - creating products with added value".

We design products that can be used in different ways. High quality materials and workmanship, as well as timeless design, ensure a long life.