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Interesting articles and editorial contributions from and about the showroom for applied arts and the fashion accessory label austriandesign.at, now easy to read here.


March 2020 – Viennissima Lifestyle

Viennissima published all about our new Webshop with the knit collection of austriandesign.at

October 2018 – Life Verde

LifeVerde.de – The portal for green lifestyle also leads the Schauraum für angewandte Kunst and austriandesign.at. Everything about our sustainable fashion.

October 2018 – Austrian Limited

Austrian Limited tells about the genesis of austriandesign.at and the fulfillment of a dream.

February 2017 – Sempre Vita

Sustainably manufactured fashion from Austria – under this title Semper Vita published an article about our fashion accessory label austriandesign.at.

February 2017 – Optic und Vision

Fashion to the best of conscience – under this title Optic and Vision published an article about ecological and fair produced clothing – with our fashion accessory label austriandesign.at.

October 2016 – Modeflüsterin

Our fashion accessory label made it onto the shopping List for sustainable fashion labels.

August 2016 – Wiener Zeitung

The Wiener Zeitung published a two-page article about the showroom for applied arts and the fashion accessory label austriandesign.at.

July 2016 – SENKEN, Japanese Fasion Business Newspaper

Again, a post about austriandesign.at was published in Japan.

February 2015 – SENKEN, Japanese Fashion Business Newspaper

austriandesign.at also causes a stir internationally and is presented in Japan as a sustainable brand with a timeless design.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]