Our designers in alphabetical order:

Label was founded in 2004 by Karin Merkl. Since 2004 participation in international fairs in Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf.

Tony Alfström, MA

Born in 1972 in Finland. Diploma at the University of Art and Design UIAH, Helsinki, Department of Ceramics and Glass, MA and Kuopio Design Academy, Ceramics, BA. Collaboration with Sarner Cristal Ag and Arabia, Designor Oy. 2000 Foundation of Tonfisk Design together with Brian Keaney. Awards (selection): Ornaris Design Award, Switzerland; Hackman Pro Design Award, Finland; International Ceramic Competition Mino, Japan.

Rainer Füreder

Born in 1952 in Austria. 1983 – 88 Visit to the Academy of Art and Design in Linz Collections (excerpt): Grafische Sammlung Albertina, Vienna; New gallery of the city of Linz; Upper Austrian State Museum; Federal Ministry of Education and Arts; Cultural offices of the state government Upper Austria. and Lower Austria; Cultural Office of the City of Linz and Braunau.

Brian Keaney, MA

Born in 1974 in Ireland. Master of Arts in Ceramic and Glass, UIAH Finland and Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design, NCAD Republic of Ireland. Since 1998 own design studio and cooperation with Ilkka Suppanen. 2000 Foundation of Tonfisk Design together with Tony Alfström. Awards (selection): Hackman Design Foundation, Finland; Nordplus, Orrefors Glass School, Sweden.


Label was founded in 2004 by Karin Merkl. Since 2004 presentation at international trade fairs.

Ettore Moschetti, Liceo Artistico

Born in 1951 in Naples. 1978 graduated as a sculptor at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Naples. Since 1980 exhibitions of painting, sculpture and etching in Germany and abroad. Lives and works in Milano.

Judith Rataitz, Mag. art

Born in 1960 in Austria. 1984 Diploma with honors in the masterclass for ceramics and product design – Prof. Matteo Thun. Since then working freelance. Awards (excerpt): Award of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research, Vienna; Austrian State Prize for Designing Craft; Special prize of the state of Salzburg; Westerwald Prize for serially produced ceramics, Germany; BIO Ljubljiana, Slovenia.

Born in 1956 in Austria. 1982 Diploma of Architecture at the Vienna University of Technology. Collaboration in the studio o. Univ. Prof. Dipl. Ing. Ernst Hiesmayr, Vienna. Freelance work since 1994.