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Care tips


Washing wool & keeping it beautiful

Our merino wool is machine washable. And yet it is worth considering whether a "bath" in the fresh air is not also sufficient. Because: Wool is dirt-repellent and absorbs almost no odours. Washing cycles can therefore be somewhat longer.

If possible, you should only wash the same materials and similar colours together. It is advisable to turn the knitwear inside out before washing.


Hand wash

Merino wool should always be used with warm, maximum 30°, be washed. Use only liquid wool detergents and No fabric softeners! When washing, move the knitted piece, turned inside out, slowly back and forth in the lye - do not rub, knead or wring, otherwise the fibres will warp and the knitted piece will lose its shape. Then rinse thoroughly with clear water and roll up in a towel and squeeze out carefully.


Machine wash

If knitted garments are to be washed, then in principle the gentle wool wash be selected with a maximum temperature of 30°. Only use liquid wool detergents. The following applies to the dosage: less is more. Please also refrain from using fabric softener, as this can destroy the fibre in the long run.

The Washing machine drum only one-third full This avoids too much friction. You can spin freshly washed knitwear only briefly - at low revolutions.


Drying & Ironing

Immediately after washing, it is recommended that the knits are Gently in shape to pull. Please do not put them in the dryer, they could become children's clothes. It is best to dry knitwear lying flat on a terry towel on the clothes horse.

Also with the Ironing wool does not like pressure. Turn the knitted piece on the left and with Medium temperature affectionate with steam treated. The care formula is: smooth instead of flatten.


How should I store my wool pieces?

Only store freshly cleaned knitwear. Knitwear should always be stored lying down. A space-saving and fibre-saving alternative is to store knitwear individually rolled.


How do I protect merino wool from dirt and moth infestation?

Prevent this by storing your merino clothes with dried sprigs of rosemary, thyme and lavender. The essential oils keep unwelcome pests away and at the same time provide a pleasant laundry scent. Store knitted products made of merino wool in a dry, cool place in a plastic storage container with an airtight lid. Do not store in plastic bags: residual moisture could cause bacteria and mould to grow.


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