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33 and no more

Step by step to a capsule wardrobe: Project 333 - 33 pieces for 3 months

Project 333 is a variation on the Capsule WardrobeIt consists of easily combinable pieces and thus enables a sustainable reduction to just a few items of clothing in the wardrobe.

American Courtney Carver's Project 333 is limited to 33 colour- and style-coordinated garments per season. They are changed four times a year.

What is special about the project

Every 3 months, at the beginning of each season, the items of clothing can be exchanged, whereby underwear, sleeping and house garments as well as sportswear do not "count". Other items, such as shoes, jackets, bags, ... i.e. everything you have with you outside the home, do count and are stowed away and out of sight. The time limit is also intended to create anticipation for new items at the end of a season.

A minimalist wardrobe

Designing your own capsule wardrobe takes a little time and a few well-considered decisions.


Step by step to a capsule wardrobe

Go to Start it is advisable to take all the clothes out of the wardrobe and lay them out clearly.

Before sorting out, one should three colour schemes for the outfits of the next three months consider: one basic colour that can be combined particularly well and two accent colours that bring colour into the outfits. Once you have decided on your colour schemes, you can start sorting them out.

At Sort out the questions arise such as "How often do I wear the garment?", "Can I combine it well with other pieces?" and "Would I buy it again now?"

These questions can be used to Three categories entitled "Keep", "Stow" and "Give Away". The clothes should be placed in a well-considered order.

The first category shall include 33 garments. When classifying in category three, please pay attention!!! Thoughtlessly giving away clothes can lead to dissatisfaction and impulse buying, which on the one hand is resource inefficient and on the other misses the point of the capsule wardrobe. If one is unsure about one's garment, one can put it in the "stow away" category and in a box that should definitely be out of sight. If you miss the stowed garment after three months, it goes into the "Keep" category.

The pattern repeats itself until in the end only favourite garments for every season remain.


Less is really more

The most difficult, but also most exciting part of a capsule wardrobe is the sorting out. Being able to choose from only 33 pieces for months sounds like a severe restriction. But: Be brave, the benefits and learning for the coming season will come very quickly! You never think about wearing something too often or too rarely, but you do look forward to the next season and the new old clothes.

It is certainly difficult to have fewer than the number of garments in your wardrobe specified in the challenge, so the number 33 has proven itself. Even if you miscalculate the details and learn something new, with a little feeling you can hardly go completely wrong.

Project 333 shows that it is possible to get by with fewer clothes, wear only your favourite pieces and save time when putting together your outfit. Permanent guests in the wardrobe become favourite pieces again - you live with less choice, but it is appreciated more than before!



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