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Buying basics is the supreme discipline of fashion!

Fashion basics have been preached to us for years. But what was the ultimate basic a few years ago can very quickly be completely off the mark. And yet basics are absolutely necessary and are becoming increasingly important if you want to do something good for the environment.



Anyone can buy a statement dress - the real fashion art is finding the perfect basics.

You can wear a good basic every day for a week without anyone noticing because it looks so good in so many different ways. combine lets.

A real basic is minimalistbut in most cases not cheap. Because a true basic is of such high quality that its simplicity becomes a fashion statement in itself.

A good basic is distinguished above all by the fact that it can be likes to dress - without thinking too much about it. It makes life less complicated.

Good basics are something very Personal. They have to suit the wearer and her body shape. Because what is a basic dream for one person can be a fashionable Waterloo for another.

Also Colours are called basics, such as black, white, beige, navy and grey. This makes perfect sense, because they form a good canvas for all the big fashion brushstrokes we make every now and then. Red and pink, mustard or orange can always be integrated somehow cool into a basic wardrobe sorted by colour. But beware: not all colours are the same and not everyone has to have a black jumper, but one that suits at least four occasions.

ConclusionShopping for basics is the supreme discipline of fashion. You have to pay attention to every little detail. And know your own strengths and weaknesses very well, physically and mentally.

It can take years to adapt these rational purchases to one's personality, but the rewards are great: a perfect basics wardrobe that can survive any crisis AND having found your own style!



Source: Flair, Julia Werner


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