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Whether round neck, V-neck, turtleneck, much or little cleavage - when it comes to necklines, the possibilities are endless.

Of course, the choice of neckline depends on the day's plans: if you're going to the office, the neckline is more high-necked, while for an evening in the bar you can show more cleavage. But the decision for the right top or dress is not only a matter of taste, With the choice of the right neckline, you can emphasise certain body parts, but also conceal them. When choosing the right neckline, the focus is on the upper body, i.e. face shape, shoulders, neck and chest. It is therefore helpful and important to know your own figure type.



A pointed neckline visually divides the body and draws it out. People with round, wide and boxy faces benefit from this effect, the facial features appear narrower and more delicate. With broader shoulders it acts as a counterbalance.

classic V-neck

+ pulls gaze upwards
+ emphasises shoulder line
+ balances out visually wide waists
+ well suited for round face
+ well suited for large breasts
+ brings movement into the look
+ suitable for large breasts

- not ideal for slim figures
- Not ideal for long neck/face


long narrow V-neck

+ pulls gaze upwards
+ stretches upper body, neck, face
+ good for round face
+ suitable for strong breasts

- not for slim/long persons
- not ideal for broad shoulders
- not for long neck/face


Keyhole neckline

+ striking eye-catcher
+ pulls gaze upwards
+ lengthens upper body, neck, face

- not optimal for long neck/face
- suitable for large bust size


Round neck

The round neckline is best suited for angular, pointed or heart-shaped faces. The curve in the neckline contrasts with the more angular shapes on the face, creating balance and proportionality. Basically, it should also be noted that the longer the neck, the closer the neckline should be.

high-necked round neckline

+ slightly emphasises the shoulder line
+ good for angular face shape
+ good for longer neck
+ petite persons appear more present

- not ideal for round face
- not ideal for short neck


wide round neckline

+ lengthens neck and upper body
+ good for angular face shape
+ also suitable for large bust size

- not ideal for long neck
- not ideal for round face


Narrow round neckline

+ slightly emphasises the shoulder line
+ good for angular face shape
+ good for longer neck
+ petite persons appear more present

- not ideal for round face
- not ideal for short neck


Submarine and waterfall neckline

Scoop and waterfall necklines suit women with the typical A-line body shape. They accentuate the shoulders and bust area, creating an ideal balance to wider hips or thighs. Plus point: the waterfall neckline creates volume, which benefits women with less bust.

Submarine neckline

+ pulls gaze upwards
+ Shoulders appear broader
+ good for round/oval faces
+ balances out visually strong hips

- not suitable for broad shoulders
- Not ideal for short torsos
- not ideal for strong breasts



+ emphasises decolette
+ lengthens upper body, neck, face
+ visually lengthens the upper body
+ also possible for larger breasts

- Not ideal for long neck/face
- Not ideal for a petite body



Narrow waterfall collar

+ pulls gaze upwards
+ gives a slim figure more fullness
+ emphasises bust size
+ visually reduces broad shoulders
+ good for angular/long face

- Not ideal for narrow shoulders
- not ideal for long neck
- not ideal for round face


wide waterfall collar

+ attracts attention
+ feminine, romantic look
+ also accentuates small bosoms
+ compensates for a narrow upper body

- "crushes" small figures
- not ideal for large breasts



Turtleneck and shirt blouse collar

Classic turtlenecks, but also the shirt-blouse collar, require above all a narrow, petite face as well as a small chest. In general, the body proportions here should be rather balanced and slim, because these necklines usually show the figure exactly as it is and quickly make small flaws visible. Exception: If the turtleneck is rather wide and falls loosely, it becomes a little more flattering and can also be used for a larger bust.


+ good for long neck
+ casual look
+ warms

- not optimal for short neck
- Not ideal for round face shape
- not ideal for strong breasts


Shirt blouse with pointed collar

+ appears dressed, serious
+ pulls gaze upwards
+ Flexible use through buttons
+ well suited for round face shape

- not optimal for long neck/face
- not ideal for narrow shoulders


Trapezoid, heart or diamond cut-outs

Trapeze, heart or diamond necklines are both wide and deep. These necklines emphasise both the horizontal and vertical lines. These open-hearted necklines divide the bust area between covered and uncovered zones, thus drawing the eye upwards, towards the face. In general, these types of necklines suit women with large breasts.

small square neckline

+ advantageous for smaller persons
+ good for round/long face
+ emphasises the shoulder line

- not ideal for tall stature
- Not ideal for angular face shape
- shortens neck


wide square neckline

+ advantageous for round/oval faces
+ lengthens neck
+ emphasises shoulder line

- Not ideal for angular face shape
- not suitable for broad shoulders


Heart or diamond neckline

+ draws the eye upwards
+ very feminine appearance
+ lengthens the neck
+ balances out broad shoulders

- Not suitable for every occasion
- Not ideal for narrow shoulders




So what is the ideal neckline?

With the right neckline, you can ideally look slimmer, better proportioned and taller.

In principle, there are two basic shapes, the V-neck or the round neck or round neck. In addition, there are many other shapes, most of which are variations of the two basic shapes. Read which neckline is advantageous for ....


Advantageous necklines for narrow shoulders

If the shoulders look narrow compared to the hips, cut-outs that create a horizontal line, making the shoulders look wider, are advantageous. This makes the proportions look balanced because the eye follows the transverse line created by these cut-outs. The eye is easily fooled. Use that!



Advantageous necklines for broad shoulders

For broader shoulders, necklines that divide the shoulder area vertically or diagonally are a good choice. This makes the area look narrower. For tops, it is more advantageous if the straps are slightly wider, because very narrow straps such as spaghetti straps show a lot of the shoulder. Wider straps create a better vertical divide. Vertical darts or a jacket worn open can also create or enhance this effect.


Advantageous necklines for small bust size

If you want to make your breasts look bigger, a push-up bra can be the first step. Necklines that are close to the neck make the bust appear larger. Any transverse accentuation in the bust area and in the neckline shape reinforce the desired effect. Optical eye-catchers such as breast pockets, flounces and the like visually enhance the bust.



Advantageous necklines for large bust sizes

With a large bust, a vertical and diagonal line on the torso is advantageous. Therefore, deep narrow V-necks work particularly well here. This visually divides the bust area lengthwise and makes it look narrower. But wrap necklines and other deep necklines are also great.

If the area between the shoulder and the tip of the breast is large, a narrow deep V-neck would not have the desired effect because it would lengthen this area. Better are necklines that are deep and wide like the diamond, square and heart necklines. This advantageously interrupts the area above the bust and draws the other person's gaze upwards to the neckline and face.



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