Pearl necklace “HIGHLIGHTS” (brown/gold)


Tears of the ocean
Pearl rain, timelessly beautiful, strikingly up-to-date.


Length: approx. 2600 mm
Round shell pearls, sheathed steel silk

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After chandelier & whimsy Karin Merkl composes her pearl necklaces. In doing so, she tries to question the traditional obligatory pearl-knotting techniques and designs modern forms of the pearl necklace. It is knotted with a colored, coated steel silk at irregular intervals. Woven are irregular or round, different colored beads, according to specific rhythms. The pearl necklaces are overlong, carried in several rows one above the other, closed with a pendant. No sign of old-fashioned! The pearls shine to their interior. Light that falls on the pearl shines through the many pearlescent crystals and is reflected by them in countless prisms. The result: an almost unreal magical depth of luster. For the ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Japanese, the pearls were considered a sign of dignity, beauty and power. In almost every culture, pearls symbolize love until today.