Scarf “Wien”


Material: silk, extra-fine quality merino wool handfelted
Dimensions: 1800×600 mm

22 colors and color combinations available

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The bi-colored woolen border, the shot silk and the shading ends of the scarf glamorize the colorfulness and liveliness of the scarf. Thanks to its outstanding shape it is possible to wear it in lots of different ways. Depending on the occasion – you may wear it in an elegant way as a stole, knotted in a sporty way, draped in a classic way – always a matching and individual accessory.

Sizes and fit

We are happy to help you make the right choice before ordering.

KContact us on weekdays 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. at +43/676/75 76 700 or, we will be happy to advise you.

Or give us your body measurements when ordering and we will send you the correct model size.

The models are rather wide cut. The soft merino knit should fall loosely and casually.


Measure correctly

Chest circumference / bust size: Measure horizontally around the body over the thickest part of the chest.

Waist: Measure around the narrowest part of the body.

Hip circumference: Measure horizontally around the thickest part of the hip.


Which clothing size is required?






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Maintenance Tipps


Pflegetipps Handwäsche

Silk and merino wool should always be washed with warm, maximum 30 °. Use only liquid silk detergent and no fabric softener.

Silk should always be washed in a large container (sink, bath) with running water. Insert the unfused piece of silk and move it back and forth in the lye – do not rub, knead or wrestle. If they do not use enough water or do not move the silk material constantly, the rinsed color pigments will re-attach themselves to the silk fabric and thus discolour. This discoloration can not be reversed.

Then rinse the piece of silk under running water or change the water until no more detergent residues flow off.

Do not leave the silk fabric – in the hope that it softens the pollution – in the wash water: As the pollution “softens” the silk fiber will open and they work the dirt deeper into the fabric. If you see that it does not get better with silk detergent, you should go to dry cleaners.


Drying & ironing

Pflegetipps Bügeln

To dry silk, it is best to put it in a soft towel – never wring it out! When wet, the fiber is even more sensitive! against a shift of the warp and weft threads. The “lighter” (ie the thinner and more airy) the silk fabric is, the more the threads can shift. This process is usually irreparable.

Iron silk while still wet on low heat. If the silk fabric is already too dry, they need more moisture or more heat. Beware of high temperatures. With steam iron they achieve good results. Avoid spraying water on the silk fabric directly: colored silk could cause unsightly water stains, which can not be removed even when washed again. Do not linger in the same spot with the iron for too long: Silk is mostly made of protein and can burn.


How do I remove stains from my silk fabric?

In the cold or lukewarm hand wash with silk detergent. We recommend dry cleaning for stains. Home remedies should rather do without, since most home remedies do not relate to silk.


The care of the silk

If you pay attention to these few points, you will have long pleasure with your article of pure silk.

  • Never spray the silk with perfume or deodorant.
  • Never wash with bleach.
  • Do not expose silk to direct sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Do not sprinkle with water while ironing.
  • Do not remove individual stains with water.
  • Always iron silk from the back.

About Silk


Although silk is no longer a luxury item, it is still one of the most valuable materials in the textile industry. Not only her noble image makes the silk so successful: Above all, it is unsurpassed as a cooling and skin-soothing summer fabric, which should be treated carefully.


Silk has great properties

Silk is extremely tear-resistant and temperature-regulating. Especially its cooling effect makes it a sought-after material for clothing and accessories in the summer time. This cooling is caused by the low heat conduction of the silk thread, which hardly gives off the heat from the outside to the skin. Thanks to tiny holes, which also help the silkworm in the interior of its cocoons in “temperature compensation”, heat and moisture are removed and the body maintains a uniform microclimate. Silk absorbs up to 30 percent of its own weight in moisture, dries quickly and hardly wrinkles. Thanks to its low density, it is light and cuddly, yet surprises by its robustness, which owes it to the enormous tear resistance of the silk thread.


Silk is:

  • noble
  • comfortable to wear
  • cooling
  • of course allergy friendly
  • wrinkle free
  • light
  • enormously tear-resistant
  • fast drying


Worth knowing about the luxury fabric

Produktinfos Seide

Around 240 kilograms of mulberry leaves are eaten by a silk spider caterpillar during their lifetime to spin the precious silk thread. After pupation, its cocoon remains on the tree – and can be picked and processed. Not less than 3,000 to 4,000 meters long can be a single cocoon thread, yet it needs about ten times their weight in cocoons of mulberry spider for the extraction of raw silk. Their origin and processing explain why natural silk is still one of the most expensive fabrics in the world. Only about 1% of the fibers produced worldwide are silk fibers. India, China, Thailand, Japan and Brazil are the largest exporters today.

About the collection

“Accessoires from Vienna”. Design by Karin Merkl. Made in Austria. Since 2006.

The original theme of is the world’s oldest textile technology – felting. Merino wool is felted with or without silk by hand. Whereby the craftsmanship know how makes a modern interpretation of the traditional technique of felt possible and unique.

Each scarf series by is special in shape, design, and has a name. They are named after the federal states, capitals or beautiful cities in Austria.

The handfelted silk scarves by are felted from the finest silk with merino wool in pure handwork. Merino wool is felted on and in the silk in this ancient Japanese art form. The design options range from individually laid wool fibers, to motifs, to exact geometric shapes. The special is also that the front and back are equally beautiful, yes you can even color different shape.

The main characteristic of the collection is the unique character of the pieces, as merino wool is felted with or without silk in the purest handwork. As well as the variety in the design and the wide selection of colors or color combinations.


The DNA of the collection

Felting by hand, whereby the craft know-how makes a modern interpretation of the traditional technique of felting possible and unique. The repertoire of felt work is versatile. It ranges from laid wool fibers over handmade felt to felts large tile.

The play with the form according to the motto “Rectangle does not have to remain rectangle” gets the scarf graduated Schalenden, is worked around, or he becomes the Cape, Bolero, Poncho, … Great attention is paid to the reversibility of the pieces. They are reversible to wear on both sides, as the front and back are equally beautiful and even designed differently.

Mostly iridescent pure silk chiffon is used. In the two different colored silk threads are interwoven and this changes the color, the so-called traversing of the silk.

The large color selection corresponds to the character of an accessory, the accessory to clothing and allows special color preferences and trends in fashion to use.

The silk collection of includes scarves and variations of scarves and is extended per season.



“We live what we love” – ​​authenticity creates identity

he ideas for our products come from our personal experiences. Our keen eye helps us to question and redefine traditional design principles. Our collection reflects this unity of thought, word, deed and product.

  “Values, culture and social commitment”

We are aware of our own longing for values, our social and cultural responsibility and are reflected in our product and market orientation. Economic action is more than mere profit for us. Cultural, moral and aesthetic maxims determine our economic activity.

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We design products for everyday use from the purest natural materials that are produced in small factories and studios. “It must be ecological and social”, that is our contribution to sustainability and to customers who value sustainability.

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We design products that can be used in different ways. High quality of materials and workmanship, as well as timeless design ensure a long service life.